Hey there, I'm Ethan!

Game Developer

I'm a passionate programmer and game developer with multiple years of experience in C# and C++. I have worked in Unity3D and Godot for many years in addition to other engines and toolsets.

I love learning new skills and growing as a developer. Although coding is where I am most comfortable, I also have experience working with animations, asset production, and audio design.
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Wander Vyrosa

A planet from the game Wander Vyrosa

A commercial remake and release of the game jam game titled "Untitled Space Game"

Grill Daddy

The grill from the game Grill Daddy

A physics based grill-em-up made for the 2022 ROC Game Dev Summer game jam

Chicken Chaser

A screenshot of the game Chicken Chaser

A game made from scratch using C++, DirectX11, and the React3D physics engine

Animal Crossing Creature Tracker

A screenshot of the game Chicken Chaser

A web tool for tracking creature appearances in the game Animal Crossing:New Horizons utilizing Firebase and the ACNH API